On a sprawling complex of around sixty cottahs near the crossing of Judges Court Road and Diamond Harbour Road, 'Divine Bliss' is masterminded by the renowned architect, Agarwal & Agarwal to give a shape to it. It will house state of the art facilities for high quality living.

The complex leaves open 60% of the total land. The ambience is 100% environment-friendly with lush green landscaping and romantic rock gardens.

'Divine Bliss', rising majestically in a location with a picturesque backdrop. It features the white grandeur of the Victoria Memorial, the pastoral expanse of the Maidan and Calcutta Race Course. In addition, there whispers the milieu of aristocracy - the hallmark of Alipore area since the good old colonial days.

All combined, 'Divine Bliss' is all set to be a model haven. Impeccably planned to be a futuristic landmark in Kolkata.