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HOuse Maitenance

  • Cleaning should be given to an outside agency and no sweepers employed directly.
  • Do not dispose sanitary napkins, hair, or clothing in the toilets to avoid clogging.
  • Avoid spitting in the common areas.
  • Clean the windowpanes at least once a fortnight.
  • Dispose off unwanted old furniture or old drums.
  • Do not use curved furniture as it allows for dust to accumulate. Do not over furnish your house, as maintenance is tough.
  • Plant trees or grass in the open areas/lawns around the complex.
  • A small garden for the children would be ideal.
  • Seasonal flowers can be grown; potted plants in the staircase and the lobby is soothing to the eyes.
  • Appoint a part time gardener who can even help you maintain indoor plants in your house.
  • Do not allow free access to vendors/salesman within the complex.
  • Representatives of the cable operators/electricity/telephones/postal department culture the couriers should first be identified by the security personnel before visiting individual flats.
  • Before employing domestic servants lodge complete details with the local police station. Give them proper identity cards which may be checked by the security staff.
  • Visitors should also be identified before they are allowed to visit the flats.
  • Alarm systems, entry door phones, and video phones should be used to enhance security.
  • Live-in guests should be properly introduced to the security staff to avoid embarrassment to the guest.
Maintenance and renovation
  • Always go in for annual maintenance contract for equipments like lift, generators, fire fighting equipments, deep tube well, CCTV/EPBX. Instead of paying annually, pay quarterly to ensure prompt service.
  • Water treatment plant should be washed weekly or as advised by the supplier.
  • Periodical check up of treated water should be carried out by a competent testing agency.
  • Pest control contract should be given to a reliable and reputed agency and renewed timely.
  • The driveway, the parking space, and the exteriors should be repaired every two/three years.
  • Doors and windows of common areas to be checked regularly.
  • Covers of drain to be replaced promptly if broken.
  • The flat has to be used for nothing other than private residence.
  • Form a society of flat owners in mutual interest.
  • Prepare a directory of all residents with their contact numbers and circulate to all.
  • Important telephone numbers like that of police, electricity breakdown service, fire brigade, ambulance services etc should be available to all in public places or in common areas.
  • Each flat owner should have his Sale Agreement, Possession certificate, Conveyance Deed, Nomination Agreement, CMC, Electricity, and maintenance bills always easily at hand.
  • Learn to respect rules and encourage others to do so. Be tolerant and patient of the neighbors.
  • Encourage women and children to be involved in management and the maintenance of the complex.
  • Remain united against local bad elements who may try to create nuisance from time to time.
  • Do not park car in the NO PARKING area within the premises.
  • Do not recruit people from the locality. Caretaker should be employed through an agency.
  • Electricians, plumbers, liftman, carpenters, and other forms of labour required should be service contractors who first report to the caretaker.
  • Proper security agency should be employed.
Use of common areas
  • Use of common areas should be without any encroachment. Do not store scarp, old furniture, empty cartons and household junk in the common areas.
  • Designate an area in the ground floor/basement which can be used by all for furniture and other repairs.
  • Penalty should be imposed in case of encroachment.
  • Do not damage common property.
Repairs/renovation within the flat
  • Permission from the executive committee needs to be taken before going in for changing the exterior, culture any major masonry work, modifications to structures, changing the floor tiles or the plumbing system.
  • In case the permission is granted in writing, all expenses would be borne by the flat owner. Permission should also be sought to dump building materials in common areas.
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