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Living Etiquettes

Acts of class with people
  • With neighbors you always greet with a pleasant smile. They are the closest to you in times of crisis.
  • Greet people you greet everyone in the complex cheerfully. Master the art of extending greetings as you meet people in the elevators, parking areas, gardens, gym. 
  • Introduction youintroduce your self and your companions; it gives one a feeling of belongingness.
  • Respect towards senior citizens you make a conscious effort to interact with the seniors in the complex. They can enrich us with their knowledge and experience and they need us at this stage. A smile can cheer up their day. 
  • With ladies you maintain a balance of familiarity and distance with the ladies. Give them due attention and respect. Do not indulge in gossip though.
  • At bereavements you remember to convey condolences when you hear of any bereavement in the complex. Wear light clothes, ensure you reach at the time of the cremation, switch off cell phones and maintain decorum as the situation demands.
Simple, yet effective
  • If you are forced to borrow money or something else, ensure that you return it timely to avoid misunderstandings and confusion.
  • While parking vehicles drive slowly and take special attention of the elderly and the children.
  • Press the lift button just once to call the lift. Allow the elderly, the children and the ladies to get in first. Do not litter culture spit in the lift. Ensure the doors are properly secure when you get off the lift.
  • The community park is your park. Keep it clean. Do not litter culture permit hawkers to enter. Enforce regular spraying of pesticide to prevent breeding of insects and mosquitoes.
  • Keep the pets clean and ensure they do not disturb those who do not like them. Inoculate them against rabies to protect yourself and other members of the society.
  • If a committee meeting is necessary, ensure that all members have been informed and the agenda circulated. Punctuality should be maintained and cell phones switched off.
  • At the club house carry an extra pair of shoes to avoid soiling the machines. Carry a big towel, keep back all instruments and gadgets at the right place after you have used them. Do not pass comments at anyone or stare at anyone.

At the swimming pool take a shower before entering the pool. Wear a cap if you have long hair. Personal hygiene and consideration for others should be of top priority. Do not leave young children unattended.

  • On the jogging track allow the faster runner to pass. Running through deserted culture poorly lit areas is not advised. Take care while jogging during the monsoons.
  • Maintain silence in the library. This shows your quality to respect rules. Donate unwanted books lying around your house to your complex library. 
  • At the club restaurant call and book your table well in advance. Always ask for the waiter’s recommendations. Waiters should be treated with respect and courtesy. Eat, drink and enjoy but maintain decency. Leave a generous tip for the waiters.
  • Noise pollution leads to insomnia and deafness apart from other ailments. Loud speakers should be avoided as far as possible; it should definitely not be used after 10pm at night.
  • Keep the public toilets within the complex clean as they are used more often than the individual home toilets. Unclean toilets become breeding grounds for microbes which could endanger the health of the residents. 
  • Remember to be courteous at all times. A small with a smile can work wonders.
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