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Location Plan

Located on the 25 mt. wide Rajarhat Road, just 100 mt. from the famous Lokenath Mandir and 500 mt. from the 100 mt. wide Rajarhat Newtown Highway, La-Bella transports you to a world of peace and pleasure within its boundary walls. Keeping you well-connected to every part of Kolkata, and bringing every modern facility to the door of your new home.

Driving time:

  • Airport 7 mins
  • City Centre-II 5 mins
  • VIP Road 4 mins
  • Rajarhat Expressway 2 mins

Site Address :
AS 130, Block - H, Mouza - Tegoria, P.S. Rajarhat
P.O. Hatiara, Kolkata - 700157

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