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Building Status

Status as on 8th June, 2018

Civil Work -

Piling work completed.
Foundation Work is Completed. Deck Slab ( Basement Roof ) Completed.
Ground Floor Roof ( 1st Floor Slab ) is Completed.
First Floor Roof ( 2nd Floor Slab ) is Completed.
Second Floor Roof ( 3rd Floor Slab ) is Completed.
Third Floor Roof (4th Floor Slab ) is Completed.
Fourth Floor Roof ( 5th Floor Slab ) is Completed.
Fifth Floor Roof ( 6th Floor Slab ) is Completed.

Brickwork -

1st Floor Brickwork in Completed.
2nd Floor Brickwork in Completed.
3rd Floor Brickwork in Progress.
4th Floor Brickwork is Completed.
5th Floor Brickwork is 75% Completed.

Wall Putty -

1st Floor Wall Putty is Completed.
2nd Floor Wall Putty is Completed.
3rd Floor Wall Putty is Completed.
4th Floor Wall Putty is Completed.

Plumbing -

Plumbing Work is 50% Completed.

Electrical Work -

Electrical Work is nearing completion.

Construction is going on in full swing.

We will be delighted to show you the progress over a Cup of Tea.

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